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Mixology Mixers

Mixology Mixers - Wine & Cocktail Slush Mix Bags ~ 20 Flavors

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Who doesn't LOVE slushies? No blender needed. These taste great in iced tea. *our product window bags are now in soft pastel colors, not longer plain white* Green Apple- white wine Flirtini- pink champagne or blush rose wine Raspberry Chai- raspberry wine or blush Coconut Mojito- white wine Cherry Vanilla- white or red wine Cranberry Orange Mimosa- champagne or white wine Mojito- white wine or white rum Strawberry Margarita- dry white wine Peach Bellini Mix- add champagne Raspberry Rosé Mix- add rosé wine Pineapple Mango Mix- add a crisp white wine Strawberry Sangria Mix- add red or white sangria Prickly Pear Margarita- add tequila and pear juice or white wine Watermelon Lime- add a crisp white wine Orange Creamsicle- champagne or white wine Strawberry Peach Cosmopolitan- white wine Pina Colada- champagne or white wine Blueberry Lavender Lemonade- white wine Comes as 1 cup dry mix = pitcher Add booze, blend and freeze in a gallon bag