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LYLAS Forever

Napa and Big Sur Pura Smart Device Kit

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This Smart Fragrance Diffuser is powered by Pura and fills your home with two of our best-selling fragrances, Napa and Big Sur. The app-based device connects to your phone, allowing you to set your fragrance schedule, swap between scents, and adjust the intensity from anywhere.

The set includes:

- The Smart Fragrance Diffuser powered by Pura

- Napa Fragrance Vial: Bring the rich, earthy scent of wine country into your home with notes of Black Currant, Mulberry, and Vetiver that form a fruity, rich burgundy fragrance.

- Big Sur Fragrance Vial: Lush, sweet with a hint of woody. Notes of California Cedar, Amber, and Musk transport you to the beautiful California coastline.